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Let us come to you... We’ll do the driving. We’ll bring as many as 150 bestselling carpets to your home or office. And when we’re there, we will measure, observe, and comment too! Carpet buying just doesn’t get any easier.

“This is a very popular way to start for most of my busy clients. Maximum service and maximum convenience. Just invite us over!

The simple reality is that most people don’t buy carpeting very often and understandably are a bit worried about the entire process … I deliver peace of mind.”
- Rob Mislan, President

Our partner delivers 157 years of inventive solid experience behind your new wood purchase. State-of-the-Art ‘Woodloc’ joints, engineered stability for even highrise concrete scenarios, impressive cross section of wood species, and leading fashion profiles. 1.5 billion square feet in place internationally. Serious wood! May I introduce you to Kahrs?

“As a dealer, I recognized immediately the encompassing versatility provided by the Kahrs system. It turned my head. Simply brilliant. Worthy of my clients’ serious consideration.”

- Rob Mislan, President

“I want real wood.” But can I please have real wood at 33% to 50%+ less cost than mainstream wood planks? (You aren’t alone with that wish.) My mill partner listened. Kahr’s LINNEA is a 15-choice lineup of real cherry, real teak, real walnut, real hard maple, real brazilian cherry, real red oak, and even exotics like real bacu and real palisander.

LINNEA boasts a real wood top layer and a 15 year UV-finished acrylic protective coating. This is bonded to a middle high density wood fibreboard for superb dent resistance, and the assembly then wears a third stabilizing real wood layer. Wow!

“Think about this: upscale and exotic real wood veneers, that are wonderfully affordable and boast the WoodLoc simplicity of installation. I suggest many of my clients will be delighted to embrace these gorgeous flooring planks!”

- Rob Mislan, President

What if I could promise to you as a property owner:
NO weekly grass mowing
NO demanding watering regime
NO nasty pesticide usage
NO aggravating weeding demands

And what if you could count on consistent week-to-week visual lawn stability? Well I can. One of the fastest growing landscape phenomenons of late has been the emergence of realistic crumb rubber in-filled turf carpeting systems. Welcome to my Versatile Grass!

“I was so taken with this concept that I started a brand new Canadian company to bring realistic turf carpet to Canada! May I show Versatile Grass to you?”
- Rob Mislan, President

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